Directory of Blumenfeld Education Letters: September 1986 - August 1996

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September 1986:

A Prescription for Moral Anarchy
What Is Multicultural Education?
How Is It Defined?
How Is It Taught?
Moral Anarchy Starts Early
America's Way Is for Everyone
The Results of Multiculturalism
U.S. Students Accept Soviets As Moral Equals
Blowing The Whistle On Globalism
Dewey's Pragmatic Oath
Home Schools Are Legal
Homeschool Success
Vital Reading
Letters From Readers
Blumenfeld's Speaking Engagements
Next Month

October 1986:

Why The Communists Love the NEA’s Political Programs US Press Misleads Public on NEA
NEA Favors Reds in Central America
NEA’s Revenues: $91.3 Million
UniServ Director Caught Red-Handed
NEA Hosts Women’s Peace Conference
NEA Spokesman Reveals All
Radical Educators Define Literacy
God’s Law Is Supreme In Pennsylvania
Boy Hangs Himself In Vacant Classroom
Educating For A Socialist America
NEA Pushes Nuclear Freeze
What Do Public School Teachers Think of Public Schools

November 1986:

Disease Catastrophe In The Making
AIDS Victims Carry Many Diseases
How Contagious Is AIDS?
What Every Citizen Should Know
Casual Transmission Rare But Possible
How Fast Is AIDS Spreading?
Is A Cure In Sight?
The biblical solution to AIDS
Public Policy or Public Lunacy?
AIDS Now Considered a Handicap
AIDS Spreading Rapidly in New York City
Blood Supply Still Not Safe
What To Do
AIDS Statistics

December 1986:

The Academic Disaster Worsens
Dr. Flesch’s Dismal Dozen
Reading Failure in Wichita
Reading Failure in Boston
1986 SAT Scores Show No Improvement
SAT Score Averages 1963-1986
Mean SAT Scores by State 1980-1986
What Is Functional Illiteracy?
Illiteracy In Spokane
Chicago Public Schools Produce Massive Reading Failure
What’s A Parent To Do?
Vital Quotes
Author Critical of Surgeon General’s Report on AID

January 1987:

The War Against Christianity in America
Tennessee: What kind of Victory?
Christians Lose in Michigan
School Christmas Scene Ruled Unconstitutional
NEA and AFT Fight Creationism
Iowa Church Schools Defy Court Ruling
Michigan Home Schools to be Regulated
Ten Percent pf Legislators are Former Educators
Black Parents Turning to Private Schools
ACLU Fights Lease to Christian School
Can Christians Win in Court?
Liberal Parents Fight Christian Influence
Secular Humanism on Trial in Alabama
Iowa Court Halts Bible Giving in School
A Humanist’s Creed
Church Home for Girls Raided in Mississippi
Letters from Readers

February 1987:

Values Clarification Plus Death Education Equal Teenage Suicide
Death Education
Menninger Psychiatrist Denounces Values Clarification
NEA Promotes Death Education and Values Clarification
Boy Murdered in Satanic Sacrifice
Fifth Grader Kills School Principal
Student Kills Self in Class
Third Suicide in Pennsylvania School
Ninth Grader Kills Teacher
Sixth Suicide at Leominister High
Cluster Suicides Hit Schools
Suicide Epidemic Stuns Omaha
Boy Writes About Own Suicide
Teen Kills Self on TV
Death Video Becomes Popular
On “Lifeboat Games”
Vital Quotes:
AIDS Statistics Update

March 1987:

How Progressive Educators Planned To Socialize America
The Socialist Plan
Secular Salvation
The NEA’s Role
Teachers Get Highest Pay Increases in Nation
School Costs: $4,263 Per Child
Minnesota District Drops Creationism
Opponents to Creation Science ignore Evidence
Suicide Victim’s Parents Sue School Officials
Child Porn Epidemic
Satanists Abuse Children
Vital Reading
Vital Quotes

April 1987:

Court Rules Secular Humanism Is A religion
Textbooks Banned by Judge Hand
Educators, PAW & ACLU Denounce Judge’s Ruling
Alabama B of E Appeals Decision
Appeals Court Suspends Textbook Ban
NEA Lies About Humanism
Nation Shocked by Teen Suicide
Teacher Shows Death Video in Class
Christian Schoolers Jailed in Iowa
Seventh-Grader Kills Classmate and Self
Pupils No Longer Asked To Write Own Eulogies
Prayer Banned at High School Football Game
Educators Organize to Fight Tennessee Decision
Computer Study Indicates torah of Divine Origin
Vital Reading

May 1987:

Violence in the Schools
Editor’s Comment
Violence Widespread in Public Schools
Guns in the Schools
Students Attack Teachers in D. C. Schools
Students Sue School in Rape Case
Weapons in Boston Schools
Montana Student Murders Wrong Teacher
Parents Found Guilty of “Slandering” Teacher
“Dangerous Dragons” Suicide Provides Transplant Organs
Teacher Sues Teachers
Prof. Kohlberg Commits Suicide
Professor Plots to Kill Judge
Vital Quotes

June 1987:

Eugenics in American Education and the Making of a Black Underclass
Editor’s Comment
Cattell Meets Dewey
Eugenics Movement Grows
Thorndike’s Influence
Germany Applies Eugenics
The Destroyers of Literacy
The Growing Educational Underclass
Vital Reading

July 1987:

Supreme Court Bans Creation Science in Public Schools
Scalia and Rehnquist Dissent
The Christian Response
PTA Advocates State Regulation of Home Schools
Educators Warn of Impending Massive Failure
PTA Issues “Guide to Extremism”
Aborted Fetuses Used for Skin Grafts
Defective Condoms Recalled
Students Riot over Grading System
PURE to Hold Organizing Convention in Amarillo
Creation Science Convention in Seattle
AIDS Statistics Update
Editor’s Note
Atlanta B of E OK’s AIDS Policy

August 1987:

Communists Praise NEA as a Militant Progressive Union
NEA Is Largest Donor to People for the American Way
NEA Reports on Black Decline in Public Education
NEA to Work on Republicans
NEA Opposes Bork and Contras
Christians Protest Michigan Law Curtailing Educational Freedom
Son of Madalyn Murray O’Hair Is Christian Activist
Christian Minister Wins in Nebraska
Vital Reading

September 1987:

An Overview of the Year:
The Struggle for Educational Freedom Intensifies
The New
The Christian Response
Are Achievement Tests Getting easier?
Christian School Wins Case in Massachusetts
Alabama and Tennessee Court Victories Reversed
AIDS Statistics Update

October 1987:

Humanists Launch Attack on Christian Fundamentalist Schools
“Truth With A Capital T”
“Forcing Houses”
But Christian Education Works
Pluralism Threatened
Social “Costs” of Christian Schools
Home-Schoolers Face Tyranny in North Dakota
Bennett Rips Into NEA
Memphis School Admits Student with AIDS
Christian Student Sues School Officials
Teachers Test Too Easy
Lab Worker Gets AIDS
Home-Schools Thrive in Michigan But Few Register with State
Vital Reading
Vital Quote

November 1987:

The SAT Disaster of 1987
Minorities Improve
SAT Disaster in Texas
Parents Responsible for Education Says Texas Education Commissioner
Dumbing Down America
Suicides Plague Virginia High School
Chicago Teen Shot in School
Teen Violence worse than Ever
Inside the Underclass in Baltimore
Satanism Sweeping Teen Subculture
N.Y. State Wants Private Industry to Solve Illiteracy Problem
Illiteracy Grown in California

December 1987:

PURE A New Movement for Parental Rights
PURE’s Program
Information Network
National Home Education Week
The Cherry Pie
Home School Industries
Our Yearly Convention
The Media
PURE’s Board of Directors
Parents Oppose Hypnotism in Class
NEA Moves to Control Teacher Licensing
Home-Schoolers in Tennessee Outscore Public Schoolers
Our Man of the Year
Vital Reading

January 1988:

Dyslexia: The Disease You Get in School
Dr. Orton’s Findings
Enter Dr. Flesch
The Disease Spreads
The Alphabet
Pictographs and ideographs
Advantages of the Alphabet
Going Backwards
Look-Say Strategies
Poor Spelling
Circumventing the System
Vital Reading

February 1988:

The Dangerous Trends in Sex Education
Editor’s Note
PURE Conference

March 1988:

How the Federal Government Squanders Billions on Education
3 pages of Tables of expenditures
Do The Programs Work?
Bilingual Education
Special Education
The Rich Uncle Syndrome
Huge Educational Bill Passed
Vital Reading

April 1988:

Ritalin: Drugging Kids in School
Some Parents React
Ritalin on Trial
The Modern Quackery
‘my kind were guinea pigs in a torture chamber’
Drug Bust at Texas High School
Undercover Cop at High School Murdered
Student Kills Self in School
Sharp Drop in Reading Scores Baffles Experts
Top U.S. Students Fare Poorly on Science Achievement Test
Occult Project in Catholic School Leads to Murder and Suicide
Testing Firms Accused of Consumer Fraud
Student Murdered at School

May 1988:

PURE Launches Campaign to Establish National Home Education Week
An American Tradition
God’s Commandment
Progressives Take Over
Rescuing the Children
The Homeschoolers Ally
Activities for Home Education Week
The Benefits of Home Schooling (13)
Arkansas School Reform Fails to Improve Academics
Vital Quotes

June 1988:

Storm Warnings
Massive Failure
Drift Toward Surrender
Collaborating with Communism
Are We Being Checkmated?
Is There a Way Out?
Group Suicide Threat Cancels Graduation
High School Students Lack Math Skills
U.S. Students Being Brainwashed By “Peace” Education
Vital Reading

July 1988:

Confessions of An Illiterate Teacher
A Teacher Goes Public
What a Difference Phonics Makes
He Was Told He Was Stupid
An Illiterate in Graduate School
An Illiterate as Teacher
Learning to Read at 48
Living With Deception
The Incredible Pain
High Failure Rate On Teacher Literacy Tests
M.I.T. Quits Partnership With Boston Schools
U.S. Court Bans Bible Club
PURE Seminars Planned

August 1988:

Futrell Boasts of NEA Political Power and Chooses Dukakis
Organized Teachers: Most Powerful Machine in America
NEA To Control Teacher Certification
NEA: Enemy Number One of Conservative Causes
What Has NEA Done for Education?
The Teachers Fight Back!
Brave New Learning Laboratory
NEA Out to destroy Christian Educational Freedom
NEA Declares War on Home Education
NEA’s Political Machine: Well Oiled and Well Financed
Lobby-By-Mail Campaign
Political Action
Teachers Training to be Activists
PURE Seminar

September 1988:

Why the latest Campaign Against Illiteracy Will Fail
One-Third Doomed to Failure
The Debate Rages On
Sixty Million Functional Illiterates
No More Money Needed
How to Solve the Illiteracy Problem
California Kids to Get More Look-Say In Primary Schools
Mr. Honig Asks for Money
In Selma. California, They Teach Real Phonics
Spending on Education at Record Levels
Alabama Approves Evolution But Prohibits Creationism
Teenage Suicides Increase
Shocking Survey on School Crime Released
Schools Are Dangerous
PURE Seminar

October 1988:

Revolution Via Education
Dewey and Lenin
The Fabians
New Machiavellians
Gradualism in America
Bellamy’s Utopia
The Nationalist clubs
American Fabians
Becoming A Socialist
Hegel, Dewey and Psychology
The Organic Society
Dewey’s View of Democracy
Dewey’s Experimental School
The New Curriculum
A Long-Range Strategy
The Disastrous Results
Vital Dates

November 1988:

The “Education President” Wins! An Open Letter to President-Elect George Bush
Vanguard of the Left
Saving the Taxpayers Money
The Need for Reading Reform
The Educators Choose “Whole Language”
A Logical solution
Encourage Private Alternatives
Liberals Cannot Deliver Excellence
Democrats Win Key Seats in Key State Legislatures
Idaho Teachers Become Top Political Power in State
Appeals Court Reverses Vicki Frost False Arrest Victory
Teen Girls Afflicted by Sex Diseases
Americans Flunk Geography
More money does Not Produce Better Students
Vital Dates

December 1988:

The SAT Disaster of 1988
42 States decline
7 States Improve
More Students Coached
Math Scores Decline
The Decline of the Best
Minorities Gain
SAT Stats and Scores
The ACT’s
State Boards Propose Radical Curriculum reform
New Exchange Set for U.S., Soviet Students
Computers to Link U.S. and Soviet Schools
Arkansas Business Leaders Offer Reform Plan
Youth Suicides Up in Missouri
Criminal Student, Protected by Counselor, Kills Teenage Girl
Suicide Prevention Programs May Actually Encourage Suicide
Rockefeller Foundation Funds Global Education in Arkansas
Soviets Admit their Textbooks Lie
Teachers Attacked in N.Y. Schools
Ritalin Use Now Widespread
Vital Dates

January 1989:

NEA President Interviewed by Communist Newspaper
NEA Scored Gains
School Integration Not Working
NEA Official Visits Soviet Union
Everyone Talks Peace
1999-89 Resolutions Reflect NEA’s Arrogance and Lust for Power
Part I
Sex Education and AIDS
NEA on Abortion
NEA on Religion
NEA on Globalism
NEA on Peace
NEA on Central America
Vital Reading
Vital Dates
Vital Quotes

February 1989:

NEA 1988-89 Resolutions
Part II
The Goal is Total Power Over the Profession
NEA Leaders Call for power
Enter Carnegie
The True Aim of Reform
The NEA’s Curriculum
Hijacking Public Education
Controlling Training and Licensing
Who Sets Standards?
What About private Schools?
The Key to Politics: Power
Employee Benefits Galore
Can the Plan Be Upset?
Judge Upholds Removal of Religious Books from Schools
The Reversal
Schools are Establishments of religion
Are We Like Pavlov’s Dogs?
More Teachers Run for Office
Teenage Pregnancy Costs Fed $ 19.3 Billion
Teenage Gunman Kills Two
In South Carolina School
Vital Quotes
Vital Dates

March 1989:

The “Whole Language” Fraud
English as Chinese
Reading as a Guessing Game
Phony History
Phony Phonics
Reading for “Meaning”
Developing dyslexia
Confused Teachers
IRA Convention
Children as Guinea Pigs
What Can Be Done?
Vital Addresses
The Great Debate Heats Up
The Educators Reject Flesch
The Establishment challenges Chall
Zeroing in on Chall
Chall Responds
Chall KO’s Carbo
California Schools to Teach Evolution
Vital Quotes
PURE Convention Place and Dates Changed

April 1989:

Shootings in School Alarm Nation
Health of American Children Deteriorating
Three Gifted Students Commit Suicide
Student Beaten to Death in Atlanta School
Star Athlete Murdered in School Corridor
Student Kills Self in Class
Georgia Teen Dies After Abortion
Nine-Year-Old Raped in School Restroom
Teacher Reports Disruptive Students, Apathy Biggest Problems
Massive Academic Failure in Mass. Cities Schools
Maryland Schools to Expel Students with Guns
Los Angeles Parents Boycott Violence-Plagued Schools
Three Boys With AIDS Win $1.1-Million School Settlement
Unions Must Repay Nonunion Teachers
Governor of Missouri Proclaims Home Education Week
Mich. Judge Strikes Down Home-Schooling rules
What Ate The Teaching the Children?
Signs of the Times
Vital Quotes
PURE Convention and Book Fair

May 1989:

Why Education Reform Has Failed
Teacher Salaries Up
Who’s to Blame?
Break Up the Monopoly
Spending per pupil is up since 1982
High school dropout rates are on the rise
Test scores decline
Japanese Math Program A Success in Alabama School
Great Success
Quiet Classrooms
The “Experts” Object
U.S. Math Experts Plan New “New Math”
PURE Convention & Book Fair
How Gov. Dukakus Fights Illiteracy in Massachusetts

June 1989:

The theory of Evolution: Fact or Fairy Tale?
Green Light for Evolution
Religious Implications
The Missing Links
A Gigantic Hoax
Enter Pasteur
Typing Monkeys
Evolution in Education
Children As Animals
Evolutionist Creed of Humanism
Man as an Accident
Pavlov’s Children: Dick and Jane
When Myth Becomes Truth
Article Sources
PURE Convention & Book Fair

July 1989:

Is Humanism A Religion?
Establishments of Religion
Three Key Documents
The Wrong Question
From Nonsectarianism to Secularism
Filling the Vacuum
The Humanists Organize
A Messianic Mission
Humanism as Religion
Humanity as God
Naturalistic Religion
The fourth Faith
Glorification of man
The New Religion
Secularists Object
Human Manifesto II
Ethics and Sex
World Government
Soviet Teens More Optimistic Than U.S. Teens
Sixth Grader Hangs Self

August 1989:

Lets Break Up the Public School Monopoly
Why the Government Ought to Get Out of the Education Business
The Only Solution
An Instrument of government
A Failed Monopoly
Monopolies Distort Economies
Unions Support Monopoly Education
Consumers Lose
Benefits of Privatization
Privatizing Promotes Freedom
Improving Literacy
Depoliticizing Education
What About the Poor?
Whole Language Produces Disastrous Results in Maine
Whole Language Proponents Call for New Reading Tests
Champion of Phonics Dies
PURE Holds Second Annual Convention in Grand Prairie, TX
Top Corporate Heads Rip Public Schools

September 1989:

Is Your Child Attending a Zoo?
Or How to Evaluate Your Local Public School
The Cognitive Skills
The Humanist Catechism
One Third Become Disabled
Asking the Right Questions
Read the Textbooks
The Reading Program
The Sight Vocabulary
The Writing Program
The Affective Domain
Is the School Safe?
New Age Practices
Social Studies
A Humanist Concept
It There a Dress Code?
The Bus Ride
Michigan Home Schoolers Must Be Taught By Certified Teachers
Drop Loses Driver’s license

October 1989:

Another Disastrous Year for the SAT’s
Mixed Results in Math
The Asian Equation
Teachers Help Students Cheat on Achievement Tests
Average SAT Scores by State, 1979, 1984-1989
Jersey City Schools Taken Over by State
Texas Court Rules Schools in State Are Illegally Financed
Witches Get Tax-Exemption In Rhode Island
1 in 8 U.S. Children Mentally Ill
Driver’s License: Right or Privilege?

November 1989:

AIDS Spreading Among Teenagers
Teen Girls at Risk
Infected Runaways
Rampant VD
Teenage Boys More Sexually Active
They Start Younger
Risky Behavior
Dr. Koop’s Choice
Disarming children
Condom Failure
The AIDS Crisis Grows
4 Pages of Tables on AIDS Cases

December 1989:

Education Issues of the 1990s
And the New World Synthesis
Hegel’s Vision
A New Phase
Future Indefinite
Deceptive Tricks
A Cult of Fanatics
Humanist manifesto Applied
Popular Patriotism
Critical Thinking
Tension and Conflict
Radical Pedagogy
Death Education
AIDS Curriculum
Teacher Power
NEA Versus parents
Good News
Global Education Explained
Start in Kindergarten
Process and Concepts
A Political Agenda
One Third of Idahoans Are Functionally Illiterate
HIV Infection Among College Students Higher than Among Military
Letter From A Reader

January 1990:

The Purpose of Education
A Manifesto for the Nineties
Radical Transformation
The Tenants of Humanism
The Altar of Socialization
Our Abdication
Can It Be changed?
A New Philosophy
The New Curriculum
Acquiring Wisdom
Book Selection
Imparting Values
The Bible and History
Foundational Tenants
The End of a Monopoly
Professor Debunks New Trends in Math, Advocates Rote Learning
Disaster for Mathematicians
The Aversion to Rote
Collective Learning
No Simple Fix
Peer Counseling Trains Kids To Become Psychologists’ Helpers
Signs of the Times
Vital Reading

February 1990:

A Second Open Letter to the “Education President”
Obstacles to Learning
How Reading Instruction Was Changed
Making Teachers Ready to Teach
Revising the Assessment Tests
A Failed Monopoly
Redefining Literacy
Remembering “Right-to-Read”
The Need for Common Sense
Encouraging Private Alternatives
The Poor Have Suffered Most
Privatization is the Answer
NEA Wants Stricter Requirements for National Board Certification
NEA and AACTE Join Forces
Prerequisites: A Live Issue
AFT Versus NEA
An Establishment Board
Honig Targets ICR in Assault On Academic Freedom
Honig’s Threats
Freedom in Moscow

March 1990:

Why Ivan Can Read But Johnny Can’t
It Was Tried in Russia
History of Russian Primers
Look-Say in Russia
The Dewey Influence
The Soviet Experiment
Soviets Junk Deweyism
Engineers and Technicians Needed
Back to Basics
The Failure of Progressivism
Reviving the Three R’s
The Need for Competence
The Progressives Push On
Sound Teaching Needed
Proof of Failure
Poor Spelling
Déjà vu
Sweden’s Socialist Education
System Is Falling apart
Socialist Policies
A State Curriculum
Sweden: A Nation at Risk
Maine and Missouri Proclaim Home Education Week

April 1990:

The Tama Story:
Educational Tyranny in Iowa
Mother Was Certified Teacher
“Child in Need of Assistance”
Barry in Kindergarten
Special Ed
“Experts” Evaluate Barry
Deputies Terrorize Children
Mother Charged with Harassment
The State Pursues Anna
Calling in the “Experts”
Mother’s Teaching Not Good Enough
Parents Versus the State
State Power Arrayed Against Anna
Boy Hangs Self After Seeing Suicide Film in School
They Watched “Titanic”
Second Student Suicide in Same Township Shocks Community
Good Natured Young Man
Third Annual PURE Conference July 6-7, Boise, Idaho

May 1990:

An Interview With Dr. William R. Coulson On the
Origin and Dangers of Affective Education
Maslow the Messiah
Enter Carl Rogers
Dropping Defenses
Dr. Coulson’s Background
The Immaculate Heart Experiment
Rotten Fruits
Parents in the dark
The Obedient Child at Risk
Victims of a Bad Curriculum
Coulson on Illiteracy
Dewey’s Influence
Contacting Conservatives
The Alabama Textbook Case
A One-man Crusade
The Affective Schema
Third Annual PURE Conference July 6-7, Boise, Idaho

June 1990:

The Rivera Case:
Why Is the State of Iowa Determined to Bring a
Christian Home-Schooling Father to His Knees?
Judge Wanted Stronger Punishment
Judge Has Second Thoughts
The Issue Is Control
Statists Defend State Control
Judge Distrusts Parents
The Sentencing
Children Scored Well On Tests
God’s Work Is Unchanging
Home-Schoolers Demonstrate
Raising a Christian Family
The Bureaucrat Responds
Lesson Plans in Duplicate
Ms. Mosel’s Metamorphosis
PURE Conference Postponed Till October 1990

July 1990:

The Teenage Suicide Holocaust:
Is Death Education the Cause?
Cluster Suicides
School Officials Baffled
Were Parents Consulted?
Desensitizing Children
Death Ed in Kindergarten
The Power of Suggestion
How It All Began
The Making of a Death Cult
Death Educators Organize
A Growth Industry
Public Ignorance
Making Death Ed “Effective”
Is The Debate Over?
Parents Are Irrelevant
The NEA’s Active Role
Uneasy Teachers
Junior High Freshman Kills Self
Boy, 11, Hangs Self
Vital Quotes

August 1990:

How To Cure Dyslexia
Motivation Is Key to Success
Mastering the Alphabet
Removing the Blockage
The English Alphabet
26 Letters for 44 sounds
Applying Phonetic Knowledge
The Importance of Accuracy
Spotting One’s Own Errors
The Right Reading Materials
Improving One’s Writing
Spelling Rules
Mastering the System
Letter From South Africa
Former Labor Secretary Blasts Public Education
Vital Quotes
Parents for Unalienable rights in Education (PURE)
3 rd. Annual Conference Oct. 19-20, 1990 Boise, Idaho
“A Parents’ Rights Strategy for the Nineties”
Retired Teachers’ Three Daughters Use Alpha-Phonics

September 1990:

Are Compulsory Attendance Laws Necessary?
The Way It Was
The Way It Is
Serving the Establishment
The Original Premise
The Common Schools
The Prussian Model
Child Labor
The Boston Elite
Going After the Truant
First Law Is passed
The Catholics React
Going After Home-Schoolers
The Need for Educational Freedom
Repeal Should Be the Goal
Education Costs Reach New High
A Sad Farewell to “Johnny” Johnson
Parents for Unalienable Rights in Education (PURE) Conference Oct. 19-20 Boise, Idaho
“A Parents’ Rights Strategy for the Nineties”
Illiteracy Snarls hurricane Relief in South Carolina

October 1990:

What Every Teacher of Reading Should Know
or How to Solve America’s Literacy Problem in Short Order
The Better Way
A Parents’ Testimony
My Assumptions Were Correct
Milwaukee Choice Program Faces Court Fight
Legal Battle Continues For Low Income Students
State Pays Tuition
Parent Participation
Failures of Desegregation
NAACP Opposes Choice
Attacks on Students in Los Angeles Schools Increase
Schlafly Blasts New Definition of Reading
Vital Quote

November 1990:

The SAT Disaster of 1990
National Verbal Score Hits Bottom
As the Dumbing Down of America Continues Apace
Atrophying the National Brain
Declining Intelligence
The Black Predicament
The Failure of Reform
A Perverse Philosophy
Failure From Coast to Coast
College Bound Seniors: SAT Score Averages 1969-1990
Average SAT Scores by State, 1980, 1985-1990
(Two Pages of Tables)
SAT Averages by Ethnic Group 1976, 1980-1990
Math Teachers Plan New New Math
Teachers Who Can’t Teach
Short Changing the Children

December 1990:

A Visit to Iowa
Where Educational Totalitarians, Robotic Bureaucrats, Hypocritical
County Attorneys and Politicized Judges Confront Home Schoolers
Potential Reign of terror
Obeying God’s Commandments
Prosecutors Target Home Schoolers
The Educators’ Fiefdom
An Unusual Family
A Talent for Research
Our Visit With Barry
Chatting With the Social Worker
Separation Anxiety
Drug-Sniffing Dogs May Be Used In Some Maryland Schools
Asst. Principal in Texas School Murders Administrator
Corporations Blamed for Not Testing Literacy of Employees
Two Teachers Suspended For Breach of Test Security
Administrator Pleads Guilty to Stealing State Education funds
Teacher Sues School Board For Right to Teach Obscenity

January 1991:

Public Education: The Sick Dinosaur
Can It Survive the Trends Toward Decentralization and Privatization
Moral Confusion
The Fiction of Reform
Getting A Diploma
The Successful Family
The Dinosaur in Politics
Crumbling Structures
Liberals Back Privatization
What Is to Be Done?
Teachers Form “Private Practice” Association
Learning Enterprise
One-Room Private Schools
Parental Choice Causes Heated Debate in New Hampshire Town
Ready to Do Battle
Townspeople Approve
Program Accessible to All
Vital Quote

February 1991:

What’s Wrong With Whole Language?
No More Dick and Jane
The Debate Goes ON
A Political Dimension
A Socialist Agenda
Symbolic Confusion
Nearly Half of Texas Students Fain New Achievement Test
Vital Quote

March 1991:

Values and Public Education:
The Cultural Civil War
(Part I)
Values and Emotions
No End to Scenarios
Price of Unlimited tolerance
A New Utopianism
A New Road to Salvation
Training change Agents
The Humanist Solution
Harvard’s Kennedy School to Recruit Homosexual Students

April 1991:

Values and Public Education:
The Cultural Civil War
The Lifeboat Game
Cast of characters
Easy Victims
Tough Decisions
Phony Choices
Silver Lining
Teenager Takes Over Classroom With Loaded Rifle
It’s Official: America Is A Christian Nation
Few Blacks Are Muslims
Neil bush: Dyslexic
Anti-Suicide Programs Produce Unwanted Effects
Sexual Slang Upsets Parents
Homosexual, 29, Sues Boy Schools

May 1991:

Why Schools Don’t Educate
By John Gatto
(1990 New York City teacher of the Year)
6% of Teenagers Have Tried to Commit Suicide

June 1991:

The Political Agenda Behind “Whole Language”
“Democratic governance”
The Exclusion of Parents
One Family’s Experience With Whole Language
Letter from Barbara M. Morris
Dewey’s Pragmatic Oath
Viral Reading

July 1991:

Can Chris Whittle Succeed?
His Is The Most Revolutionary Plan for American Education in 150 Years
Private Schools for All
A Born Entrepreneur
Starting from Scratch
A Sound Philosophy of Education
Convention in Miami: The 1991 NEA follies of 1991
Boy Scouts Kicked Out
Down With Columbus
Teachers Are Angry
Not Happy With Clarence Thomas
Investigate Whittle
National Average Salary for Teachers Rises 5.4%

August 1991:

The Great American Math Disaster
Framingham Has High Hopes for New Math Program
Vital Reading
LA Schools Adopt Bullet Drills

September 1991:

The Scandalous State of Reading Instruction in Australia

October 1991:

The New Anti-Americanism
Defining Multiculturalism
Teaching Moral Diversity
A New Worldview
Celebrating Americanism
Stepping Stone to Globalism
The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
An Australian View
The Christian Context
State Control of children
Children Versus Parents
Limiting Parents Rights
Inappropriate Rights

November 1991:

In Search of “Whole Language” in Australia
Educating for Socialism
A Key Dissertation
“Whole Language” Not New
Homeschooling in the Outback
Kangaroos and Educators
Billion-Dollar Parliament
Arguing With Educators
Letter to the Editor

December 1991:

The SAT Disaster of 1991
National Verbal Score Hits New Low
And the Dumbing down Goes On
The Virtues of Illiteracy
Average SAT Scores by States, 1981, 1986-1991
(3 pages of Tables)
School Funding Higher Than Ever
Verbal Scores Lower Than Ever
Public Schools Outdo Public Schools
More Money Is Not the Answer
Biggest SAT Bang for the Buck

January 1992:

Educating for the “New World Order”
or The Road to a National Education System
(Run By Psycho-Educators)
How it Began
The Progressive Period
Training children As Animals
Tapping into the Treasury
The cognitive Domain
Exposing the Master Plan
Testing Values
Changing Belief systems
Agents of Change
The Super Computer
A Computer for Totalitarians
What’s to Be Done
On Self Education
Letter from Mary Pride
A Letter from a Homeschooling Mom

February 1992:

Some Houston Schools Dump Whole Language
And Return to Phonics
(…And More On the Whole Language Fraud
Officials Push Whole Language
School Board Gives In
New Studies Cast Doubt on Benefits of Whole Language Instruction
Studies Favor Phonics
Nicholson Challenges Goodman
Goodman Rebuts Nicholson
Velluntino Advocates Compromise
New Book Explains Whole-Language Philosophy
Vital Quote

March 1992:

Can Dyslexia Be Artificially Induced in School?
Yes, Says Researcher Edward Miller
Boston Schoolmasters react
Overcoming a Handicap
A Cognitive Conflict
Dr. Seuss’s 223 Words
Getting to the public
Frank Smith Was Wrong
Devising a Suitable Test
What the Tests Revealed
Alarming Results
Comparing Schools
Establishment Not Interested
Editorial Note
Back Issues [of the BEL] on the Literacy Problem
(List of 14 back issues dealing with literacy)

April 1992:

AIDS Hits Texas High School
(…plus an AIDS Update)
AIDS Update
Boston Health Chief Backs Condoms for Students
Harvard Divinity School Displays Art Work Made of Condoms
Kissing Can Spread AIDS
(3 pages of AIDS Statistics)

May 1992:

Why Is America Being Inundated by Disinformation About Dyslexia?
The Experts Spread Disinformation
Is the Dumbing-Down Deliberate?
Court Clears Way for Condoms in New York City Schools
Planned Parenthood Files Suit to Prevent Teaching of Abstinence
Vital Quote

June 1992:

Did Public Education Cause [Riots in] Los Angeles?
Now Comes the Video
Miseducating Black Americans
Illiteracy and Delinquency
Functional Illiteracy and Gangs
The Underclass
Learning to be Defective
Dropout Kills 4 in Calif. School
San Diego Reading Scores Down
Dumbing Down in England

July 1992:

Premarital Sex, Condoms, and AIDS:
What Shall We Tell Our Children?
Fathers and Sons
Premarital Sex
Teaching Our children
Teaching Your Daughter
Aggressive Girls
Irresponsible Males
Another Teacher Quits and Speaks Out
Vital Reading: A Profile in Courage

August 1992:

“The Whole Language Catalog”
A Review of the Fetish of the Whole
The Guessing Game
Goodman’s “Research”
Basal Boredom
Whole Language Belief System
Leaning to the Left
Molding Children’s Minds
Literacy As Politics
Toward A Brave New Culture
High School Graduate Learns to Read 15 Years Later

September 1992:

NEA Endorses Clinton
And Bashes Whittle Private School Plan
Teacher Power
NEA Blasts Channel One
Honig Versus Whittle
Schlafly Blasts NEA
NEA-AFT Merger?
NEA Versus Alexander
The Collectivist Millstone
Organizing Teachers Worldwide
NEA: Political Powerhouse
Living Off the Taxpayer
Hillary Clinton Promotes “Kiddie Lib”

October 1992:

Homeschooling Father Runs for U.S. Presidency
A Principled Approach
Privatize Public Land
The Natives Are Restless
Who Will Win?
Spending on Education Up to $445 Billion
Teacher Pay Reaches Record Level
AIDS Educators Angered by Pro-Abstinence Policy in New York
AFT’s Shanker Backs Clinton
Boston Schools in Crisis As Test Scores Plummet
Goodlad Gets Another Grant
Ready to Learn Council Formed

November 1992:

The Upside-Down election of 1992
Conservative Landslide – Liberal Victory
The Figures Tell the Story
The Clinton Presidency
What About Education?
The Perot Factor
Other Interesting Votes
Early-Childhood Assessment Plan Approved
Multicultural Readiness
Workers Lack Basic Skills Say Employers
Britain Dumps Progressive Ed In teaching English
Back to Phonics

December 1992:

Miscue Analysis:
Training Normal Children to Read Like Defective Children
How Defective Children Read
Three Important Facts
Misleading the Public
Whole-Language Nonsense
Homeschoolers Score High In Socialization

January 1993:

Can Conservatives Thrive in the New Clinton Era?
The Trouble With Moderates
The Trillion-Dollar Mess
Home Schooling Will Grow
The New Technology
The Biblical Commonwealth
The Calvinist Influence
The Importance of Fathers
Chelsea Clinton to Attend Private Quaker School
U.S. Marxists Ponder the Future
Clinton Inspires Hope

February 1993:

Establishment Happy With Clinton’s New Education Secretary
Riley’s Reforms
America 2000
Establishment Politician
S.C. Scores in Decline
San Diego Schools Reject Scout Programs Because of Ban on Gays
Public School Enrollment Up
Two 7th-Graders Plot to Kill Teacher
D.C. Student Shoots Security Guard

March 1993:

Outcome Based Education
How to Turn a Dinosaur into an Octopus
Student Kills Self in School Cafeteria
Student Fatally Stabbed In New York School

April 1993:

OBE and Mastery Learning
Education Revolution by Stealth
The Spady Bunch
Revolution from the Top
What Are the Outcomes?
Hillary Approves
Unbelievable Quotes
Gay Teachers Win Protection
Condoms Available in New Hampshire Schools
Teen Member of Occult Group Commits Suicide
Top Student Gets Low Scores in; Civics

May 1993:

Dumbing Us Down:
The Hidden Curriculum of Public Schooling
OBE and the Seven Lessons
The Time Factor
Drug Use Increases Among 8
New Book Studies Condoms in the Schools
Philly Combats School Violence
Letter From a Teacher
Education Secretary’s Son Guilty in Drug Charge

June 1993:

Homeschoolers and the Courts
Does the State Have a “Compelling Interest” in Education?
Challenging “Compelling Interest”
Compulsory Attendance
A Prison Sentence
The State v. the Family
Homeschoolers Win Major Victory in Michigan

July 1993:

Why Johnny Can’t Tell Right from Wrong
Moral Miseducation
The Problem With Quest
Innate Depravity
The Corrupt Heart
Student Stabbed to Death In High School Classroom
Student Plots to Kill Teacher
ACLU Fights Expulsion of Gun-Toting Students
Teen Shoots Family
Three Teens Held in Killing of Three Children
[Note: pages 7 and 8 of this issue are missing]

August 1993:

Further Investigation Into School-Induced Dyslexia Provides
Irrefutable Proof of Dumbing Down
The Miller Test
Dr. Seuss’s Sight Words
Educational Dyslexia
72 Percent At Risk
Comparing Schools
The Follow Up
Proof of Dumbing Down
Spelling Helps Reading
The Sight Word Eliminator
Vickie’s Story
Scientists Believe Dyslexia May Be Genetically Inherited
Reading Scores in N.Y. Schools Lag Behind 1991

September 1993:

Benjamin Bloom: OBE’s Godfather
His Writings Tell All
Enter OBE
Messianism in Action
The New Vocabulary
Humanist Manifesto II
Bloom’s Taxonomy
Cognitive Domain
NEA Resolution
Mary Foley’s Curriculum
Math Problems Stump Students

October 1993:

U.S. Government reveals:
90 Million American Adults Can Barely Read or Write
Only 20% Highly Literate
Crippling a Nation
Dumbed-Down Educators
Engler’s Choice
NAEP Tests Reveal Students’ Poor Reading Skills
Vital Videos

November 1993:

Debunking Whole Language Myths About New Zealand
Reading War in New Zealand
Cashing In On the Myth
Britain’s Secret Education Establishment Fights Conservative Reforms
Vital Reading

December 1993:

The AIDS Plague:
The Worst Is Yet to Come
New Surge of AIDS Among Gays
Gene Antonio’s New Book
AIDS Dementia
AIDS Transmission By Saliva
[2-½ Pages of AIDS Statistics]

January 1994:

The Government’s Waco Coverup:
Can Linda Thompson’s Video Wake Up America?
The First Assault
Isolating the Victims
The Final Solution
Destroying the Evidence
Lies From the Media
Lawsuit Filed in Waco Massacre
Defending the Survivors

February 1994:

Who Controls American Education?
Those Rhodes Scholarships
The Global Contest
Clinton’s professor
Dodd’s Discoveries
U.S.-Soviet Agreement
Enter Terrel Bell
The Big Computer
George Bush and the Pyramid

March 1994:

Homeschool Scores Dramatic victory on Certification
As Congress Accelerates Cultural Revolution in Education
The Network Lights Up
Bills in House of Representatives
What’s To Be Done?
Goals 2000 Federalizes Education
[6 goals]
Move to Investigate Terrel Bell

April 1994:

Kentucky’s OBE Experiment:
Conflict, Confusion, and Lower Scores
Change-Agent Carpet Baggers
A National Fraud

May 1994:

OBE and Big Brother:
Data Collection for the New World Order
Carnegie Corp. Launches Plan for Fed Control of Children
Who Gets the Information?
Permanent Student records
Enter Anita Hoge
Carnegie Corp. Launches Plan to Control Early Childhood Development
U.S. Ed. Dept. 1995 Budget: $ 31.7 Billion
A parent’s View of OBE

June 1994:

The Rhodes Legacy:
Are its Agents Shaping America’s Destiny?
Mr. Rhodes’s Ideal of Anglo-Saxon Greatness
The Socialist Connection
Rhodes’s Funeral
A Professor Dissents

July 1994:

Are Teachers Underpaid?
The Statistics Say “NO”
What Other People Earn
Letter From Kentucky:
An Inside View of KERA
Getting Into the School
The Teacher’s Lot
Whole Language Program
Attitudes and Habits
Kentucky Distinguished Educator
The Power to Destroy
Retarding America: The Imprisonment of Potential
Parent Praises Alpha-Phonics

August 1994:

Charter Schools: Good or Bad? (Page3)
NEA Votes to Boycott Florida Orange Juice Because of Rush Limbaugh
Hillary Speaks
National Certification
Charter Schools: Good or Bad?
A “Different Twist” on Vouchers
On Calvinism
Recall Drive in Vista, CA
A “Must Read”

September 1994:

How Should We Teach Our Children to Write?
Cursive First, Print Later!
How Cursive helps Reading
The Ease of Cursive
Cursive Helps the Left-handed
Kiryas Joel: The Politics of Indecision
Hostility Toward Religion
On Learning to Read Chinese

October 1994:

Another Year of SAT Doldrums
1994 Verbal Score One Point Above Bottom
Analyzing the Scores
Comparing the States
Private Schools Do Better
[2 pages of SAT Score tables]
America’s Shrinking Brain
Joycelan Elder’s Son Gets 10 Years in Jail
Elders Witness Commits Suicide
Students Supply Sperm Bank
Boston SAT’s: The Pitts

November 1994:

Education Goals Panel Produces Tax-Funded “Toolkit”
To Manipulate Public Acceptance of Phony Reforms
Community Action toolkit
Blame Everybody
A Nation of Learners
The Unreachable Goals
The Higher-Standards Fraud
Politically correct Standards
Manipulating the Public
Handling the Opposition
A Journalist Speaks Out

December 1994:

An Open Letter to Republican Congressmen: It’s Time to Get the Federal government Out of the Education Business
Federal Dollars Produce Academic disaster
The Dismal; Failure of Title One
The Reading Scandal
Toward Federalized public Education
Brainwashing Americans
Government Monopoly and Politics
The Cry Is Always for More Money
Let the private Foundation Do it
An Orwell Ian Nightmare in the Making
Restore Educational Freedom in America!
Fifty percent of College Grads have Low Literacy

January 1995:

The Nalepa Case:
Educators Can Now Cause the Death of a Child and Get Away With It
The Lethal Film
Teachers Ignore Own Rules
Was Stephen Suicidal?
Canton’s OBE Curriculum
Mrs. Egan’s Affidavit
Educational Malpractice
The Copy-Cat Effect
The Educators’ Defense
The Educators Win
Teachers Destroy Evidence
The “Health” Curriculum
A Promising Life Lost

February 1995:

The International Reading Association, Newsweek, NBC and the Federal Trade Commission Gang Up on “Hooked on Phonics”
The Target Was Phonics
US to Sign UN Convention On Rights of Children
18 US Women Awarded Rhodes Scholarships

March 1995:

The New Barbarians:
Public Schoolers Without Conscience
Teenager Who Paid Friend to Kill Parents Convicted of Murder
“A” Student Guilty in Calif. Murder
11-Year-Old Dies in School Shooting
Teenager Charged in; Fight Death
Children Rob Teacher at Gunpoint
Girl Sent to Jail in Gang Rape Case
7th-Grader Slain in Nashville
Nebraska Teacher Shot by Student
Girl, 9, Wields Knife on School Bus
Five-Year-Old Brings Gun to School
Gun Seized from 8th Grader at School
15-Year-Old Rapes 6-Year-Old
Student with Gun and Drugs Arrested
D.C. Student Murdered in; School
Fourth-Graders with Cocaine Arrested Student Kills Self in class
Student Killed in Los Angeles
Student charged with Murder Can Attend School
Student Murders Student in Iowa
Boy Strangled at Residential School
Honors Student Kills Parents
Boy Murders Girl in School Restroom
Teen Drug Use Up
College Drug Arrests Up
Heroin and Marijuana Use Up Among Young Americans
Prozac and Ritalin Use Rises Among Children
High School Yearbook Rejects Abstinence Ad
Mass. Has Highest Rate of Unwed Teenage Births

April 1995:

What Forced Bussing Did to Boston’s Public Schools
Computer Files on U.S. Students Resemble Chinese Communist model
A Student Describes Cooperative Learning
Emasculated Parents Rights Bill Passed by Mass. Senate
Idaho 4th-Graders Flunk Basic Arithmetic

May 1995:

Whole Language, Linguistics and the Witgenstein Connection
Linguistics and Evolution
The chasm
A holistic Reflex
The Meaning of Meaning
The Wittgenstein Factor
Psycholinguistic Guessing Game
Wittgenstein on reading
Quotable Quote

June 1995:

The War Between Humanism and Christianity Examined in
“The Messianic Character of American Education”
The Centrality of Family
Defender of Homeschoolers
Humanism as a Religion
Are Christians Insane?
School Health Survey Alarms Parents
Federally Funded
Public Library in Vermont Offers Gay Books to Kids

July 1995:

John Dewey and the Decline of Literacy in America
Looking Backward
Dewey’s Key Essay
Enter Dick & Jane
Systematic Change
The Virtues of Illiteracy

August 1995:

California Education Dept. Confesses:
Whole Language Has Been a Disaster!
NEA to Shift Emphasis to School Reform Issues
Help From Jesse Jackson
Top Priority: School Reform
D.E.A. to Operate Charter School in Detroit
Cheaper, Purer Heroin Pours Into the Northeast
Vital Reading
The Road to Socialism and the New World Order
Father Fined for Tutoring Son Off Campus

September 1995:

Are Schools Causing the “Attention Deficit Disorder” Epidemic?
No Two Children Are Alike
Structure in Traditional Education
The Child’s Vulnerable Brain
What Can Parents Do?

October 1995:

Totalitarian Data-Gathering system
Prepared by U.S. Dept. of Education
Bureaucrats at Work
The Number Code
Data on Student’s Religion
Homework and Private Schools
Assessment Information
All About Your Teeth
Medical Data
Individual Health Plan
Socialized Medicine Via Education
Serviced to Death
Do We Need This?
What Can Be Done?

November 1995:

Forty Massachusetts Professors of Linguistics and
Psycholinguistics Blast Whole Language:
Scores Decline At Top Boston Schools
Boston Mayor Launches Child Literacy Campaign
BEL Goes World Wide Web

December 1995:

Who Is Marc Tucker?
His Letter to Hillary Reveals the Elitists’ Educational Plans
From N.I.E. to Carnegie
The Rochester Experiment
The Left=Wing Source of Goals 2000
A National Examination System
The SCANS Scam
The Famous Letter
The Dangers of patient Illiteracy

January 1996:

(Pg. 5: Who Killed Vince Foster?
A review of Michael Kellett’s book)

Unitarians Launch Full-Scale Attack on Right-Wing Critics of Public Education
The Calvinists Were Right
Tom Payzan and Goals 2000
Vital Reading
Who Killed Vince Foster?

February 1996:

Conservative Republicans Vote for Hillary Clinton’s Forced-Labor Bill
Corruption Rampant in Public Schools
Students Plot to Blow Up School
Ritalin May Cause Cancer in Mice
Parents Lose Condom Battle
Upcoming Blumenfeld Lectures

March 1996:

Homeschoolers to be Included and Bar Coded in the School-to-Work Education Plan
School-to-Work Is OBE
The Planning Elite
Student Kills Three in Classroom

April 1996:

California’s Reading Debacle: When the Incompetent Rule, the Children Suffer
Whole Language Takes Over
California Girl Commits Suicide Because of Dyslexia
Reading Skills Decline in Britain
Steve Jobs on Computers and Education
Study Links Alzheimer’s with Linguistic Ability
1 in 5 Mass. Adults Functionally Illiterate

May 1996:

Will Republicans Betray America For Marc Tucker’s Human
Resources Development System: HR 1617 and S. 143?
Goals 2000
Henry Hyde Opposes
Iserbyt Blows the Whistle
Research Galore
Governing Board
Benchmarks Equal Outcomes
Miss. Schools to Put Student Records Online

June 1996:

Pennsylvania Dept. of health Mandates Genitalia Exam of
Sixth-Grade Girls in Public Schools:
The Nazis Did It
Tip of the Iceberg
Study Affirms Superiority of Phonics to Look-Say
Learning Is Working and Working is Learning
Enter Mark Tucker
School-to-Work Planned in the Soviet Union in 1984

July 1996:

The Importance of Homeschooling to America
The Third Stage
Defeating Mark Tucker
Strong Christian Worldview
Growth in Florida
The Backyard Scientist
Growth in Ohio
The Whole Language/OBE Fraud

August 1996:

Pennsylvania Implements Marc Tucker’s Socialist
School-to-Work Education Reform
Educational Philosophy
World Class Fraud?
Bureaucrats as Revolutionaries
Our Last Issue